Nail the Self-manicure

Nail the Self-manicure

Your hands are the window to your soul. Not really, but they are the part of your body that strangers actually touch with some regularity. And yet, men who spend hours in front of a mirror every day grooming their face and hair completely overlook their hands. It’s mysterious and dumb — especially since they’re so easy to keep in shape.

“I’d suggest buying the cheapest nail clipper you can find from a 7-Eleven, or even a simple kit that comes with a cuticle cutter and a mini nail file,” says celebrity manicurist Neicy Small, who’s worked with musicians Nick Cannon, Chris Robinson and Chris Brown. Nothing quite says “unhinged and possibly homeless dude” like long, crusty nails, so first use the kickstand nail file on the clippers to remove the dirt from under your nails, and then clip them down. Now, take the nail file and make a nice, rounded shape on each nail. You won’t win any hand-modeling gigs if you stop here, but at least your hands won’t embarrass you.

If you want to take it a step further, buffing is a solid, masculine alternative to polish. The 4-Way Buffer from Tropical Shine will only set you back about $4.00 and it’s easy to use: Just file the nail edges, follow with the rough buff, then use the smooth buff. If you’re really serious about that hand-modeling gig, you can do the super-shine … but we think you’ll probably be good after using the smooth buff.

By Michael Rovner for Style + Tech For Men

Michael Rovner has written for Vogue, Esquire, and Details. He has been on staff at WWD, Star Magazine and Life & Style. He has also covered fashion and style for the New York Post and The New York Times magazine. Michael’s articles have previously appeared on Style and Tech for Men.

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