NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions

Seahawks over Cowboys

Russell Wilson leads the Seattle Seahawks on the road over the Dallas Cowboys. The Seahawks stuff the run and Amari Cooper is held to two receptions.

Eagles over the Bears

In the NFC, both road teams win. Philadelphia goes into Soldier Field and sends the Bears into early Winter hibernation. Eagles QB Nick Foles continues his post-season magic setting up a divisional round game against the New Orleans Saints

Chargers over the Ravens

The LA Chargers avenge their late-season loss to Baltimore which cost them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. TE Hunter Henry returns to the lineup and scores the deciding touchdown, not turning the ball over as Antonio Gates did in the post-season matchup which cost the Chargers the game.

Texans over the Colts

The only home team to win in the Wild Card round, the Texans exploit the Colts weaknesses and cruise to an opening round win. JJ Watt makes life for Indy QB Andrew Luck a nightmare all game long.

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