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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 7 (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (6-0): Just another 300-yard day and 3 TDs for Aaron Rodgers as the Packers roll the Rams at Lambeau.

Tom Brady
ICON Brady closed out the Cowboys in Foxborough on Sunday

2. (2) New England Patriots (5-1): The difference between the Cowboys and Patriots on Sunday? Tom Brady with the game on the line.

3. (4) Baltimore Ravens (4-1): Don’t forget about Ray Rice and the Ravens’ defense in the AFC picture.

4. (6) San Diego Chargers (4-1): Norv Turner’s offense gets a good test coming off the bye with a matchup vs. Rex Ryan’s defense in New York this Sunday.

5. (3) New Orleans Saints (4-2): Turn the ball over on the road and you usually get on the plane with a loss.

6. (9) San Francisco 49ers (5-1): Harbaugh can coach—and Frank Gore can run.

7. (5) Detroit Lions (5-1): Forget the “fight” after the game, the Lions need to make some correction in their run fits after the loss to the Niners.

8. (10) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2): Pittsburgh will be tough to beat if they can get that type of production from Mendenhall and the running game on Sundays.

9. (12) New York Giants (4-2): Three touchdowns for Ahmad Bradshaw in a bounce back win for the Giants after the mess vs. Seattle in Week 5.

10. (8) Oakland Raiders (4-2): Are the Raiders a legit AFC contender with Carson Palmer now in the mix?

11. (7) Buffalo Bills (4-2): The big plays were missing from the Bills defense in the loss to the Giants.

12. (18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2): How about Raheem Morris? This Bucs team comes back after the Week 5 beating in San Fran to knock off the Saints.

13. (14) New York Jets (3-3): In a Monday night game that was almost unwatchable, the Jets won with defense—but what is going on with that offensive game plan?

14. (16) Atlanta Falcons (3-3): When Michael Turner is the focus of offense the Falcons look like a contender.

Devin Hester
ICON The Vikings made the mistake of kicking the ball to Hester on Sunday night.

15. (19) Chicago Bears (3-3): Play defense, score on special teams and protect the quarterback. That usually wins in the NFL.

16. (21) Philadelphia Eagles (2-4): That win over the ‘Skins should take the heat off of Juan Castillo and Andy Reid—for now.

17. (20) Cincinnati Bengals (4-2): Andy Dalton and A.J. Green continue to produce for a quiet 4-2 team in Cincy.

18. (13) Dallas Cowboys (2-3): The Cowboys failed to close out a win—again.

19. (11) Washington Redskins (3-2): After Sunday, John Beck has to be the new No.1 in Washington, right?

20. (15) Houston Texans (3-3): The early season hype is starting to wear off down in Houston.

21. (17) Tennessee Titans (3-2): Is this the week Chris Johnson blows up the box score?

22. (22) Carolina Panthers (1-5): Hard to win a divisional game when you can’t stop the run game.

23. (23) Kansas City Chiefs (2-3): Tell the Chiefs’ secondary to play deep if Carson Palmer is in uniform on Sunday.

24. (24) Seattle Seahawks (2-3): We are trying to buy into Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, but it is a struggle.

25. (25) Cleveland Browns (2-3): Tough to win when Peyton Hillis isn’t producing.

Christian Ponder
Ponder takes over as the starter in Minnesota.

26. (26) Minnesota Vikings (1-5): The Vikings make the call to go with rookie Christian Ponder at the QB position.

27. (27) Denver Broncos (1-4): Tim Tebow makes the Broncos-Dolphins matchup this Sunday worth watching.

28. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5): Blaine Gabbert found out that the Steelers are still pretty tough on defense.

29. (29) Arizona Cardinals (1-4): Let’s see what Ken Whisenhunt accomplished during the bye week when the Cards host Pittsburgh on Sunday.

30. (31) Indianapolis Colts (0-6): The matchup vs. the Saints this Sunday night looked like a great primetime feature back when the schedules were released.

31. (30) Miami Dolphins (0-5): How much longer will Sparano be on the Miami sidelines this season?

32. (32) St. Louis Rams (0-5): St. Louis added Brandon Lloyd, but that doesn’t cover up the multiple holes on this roster.

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