NHL 17 Video Game Review

nhl17boxDeveloper: EA GAMES
Genre: Sports
Platforms: PS4, XB1
Pricing: NHL 17 Standard Edition – $59.99, Deluxe Edition – $79.99, Super Deluxe – $99.99
US Ship/Street Date: Sept 13th
Age Rating: E
Kandy Rating: 5 Bleeding Wayne Gretzky’s Heads

Hockey video games have come a long way since Trent made Gretzky’s head bleed in Swingers.

EA has made several improvements to their NHL franchise game with this year’s release, NHL 17. We are going to focus on the new ways to play. However, before we dive into these ways, if you are a NOOB, newbie for those not familiar with the term, we suggest checking out the Visual On-Ice Trainer which will help you with passing, shooting, and player positioning.

With the release of NHL 17, players are introduced to three all-new game modes – Draft Champions, Franchise, and World Cup of Hockey.

Draft Champions Mode

Imagine 12 lightning rounds drafting superstar players that you immediately take to the ice. Stop imagining as that is exactly what happens in this mode. First, you choose from various themes, then draft your team over 12 rounds and choose to play solo or head to head. As you play, you can earn and claim rewards such as coins, packs and special items.

Franchise Mode

For your inner entrepreneur or those of you aspiring to reach upper management one day, immerse yourself in franchise mode. Set owner goals, establish operations and marketing budgets, set single game and season ticket prices, manage concession and merchandise prices, set promotional dates, propose relocation and build arenas and design team uniforms.

World Cup of Hockey Mode

The simplest of the three new modes. Lace up the skates and compete as your favorite World Cup of Hockey team.  Choose from USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Team Europe, or Team North America.

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