November 2017 Holidays Issue

 Sexy Spirits of Christmas Past
Relive the Sexy Spirits of Christmas past in this special Kandy Magazine holiday issue featuring Laurie Young, Sierra Merchant and Alexa Sandberg. We find out why the ladies love stilettos, diamonds and silk sheets.

Alexa Sandberg

Why does Alexa have such a hard time finding a boyfriend? Inquiring Kandy interns want to know.

Laurie Young
Holiday photos have never seen so much personality and sexiness rolled into one set.

Sierra Merchant
If Sierra was your girl this holiday season you’d be lucky in more than one way.

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Turkey Day Extravaganza
We’ve broken down all the necessities of a perfect Thanksgiving – football, parades, spirits, bird, and travel.

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Mistletoe and Bowl Games
We shared tips on how you can have your mistletoe kiss and bowl games and a whole lot more!


Pop Culture – The Funniest Thing We Saw This Week
A 70-something con man? Perhaps.

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