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Jessica Hall Kandy Magazine Interview

Her 5th Kandy Magazine Feature

Jessica Hall Kandy Magazine
Jessica Hall Kandy Magazine Exclusive
Photos by Mario Barberio
Hair and Makeup Sara Cranham
Stylist Julia Perry
Black suit: Calvin Klein
Shirt: Zara 
Fedora: Goorin Bros 
Bowtie: Stylist’s own

Kandy Magazine: Hello Jessica. Welcome back to Kandy.
Jessica: It’s good to be back here in Kandy land. Can I say that or is that trademarked? Let’s just say it. It works.

I absolutely love that Ron reached out to me and wanted me to shoot the cover again for Kandy magazine. This is actually my fifth cover and I couldn’t be more excited just to be a part of something I’ve loved from day one. The fact that I am here now just with everything I’ve done. The fact that Ron let me have kind of my idea of what’s going on in my life and just let it portray through the pictures that we took today. It’s called Jessica’s in Charge; a lot of these Kandy girls have done so much, and it is so cool that Ron sees that… wants us to talk about our story… wants to show it through photos. That’s a really cool thing about Kandy magazine, the loyalty. It’s always so classy; you know what you are going to get.

Ron: What shall we talk about Jessica?
Jessica: I’m an open book and will answer anything.

Ron: Alrighty then. Let’s see how ‘open a book’ you really are. You said to me one-time that you would try anything once.
Jessica: Hey! I don’t want to regret anything, so yes, I’ll try almost anything. There are a few things I’ll never do again such as multiple shots of tequila or sky jumping. I know two totally different things, but both made me super nauseous.

Ron: A quick question on your wild past, we are KANDY magazine after all, and our readers expect at least a morsel or two of gossip. Please share one of your most memorable Playboy mansion stories. We’ll wait as you race through thousands of stories in your memory banks.
Jessica: Oh wow. Yes, my goodness so many memorable experiences at the Playboy mansion. I have the best, most exciting memories from there. It was such a place of freedom if you know what I mean. lol. It, for sure, was the first time ever I went skinny dipping. No, wait… I also did that on the Kendra show. I did try to get my husband into one of the many secret places in the mansion; if you know what I mean. Kind of a bucket list thing. I miss the mansion and seeing Hef, who was the nicest, most genuine man ever. He leaves behind such a legacy.

Ron: From those Playboy mansion days, you met your BFF, Kendra Wilkinson. Your fans are constantly asking when the show is returning. Can you provide any insight?
Jessica: We don’t have any word yet, but she is my best friend / family and we are always thinking of ways to work together.

Pick up the January 2020 Issue of Kandy Magazine to read the rest of Jessica’s interview with Kandy magazine as well as her newest Kandy pictorial.

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January 2020 Kandy Magazine

Jessica Hall Cover Kandy Magazine

Celebrity, podcaster, and reality tv star Jessica Hall returns for her 5th Kandy magazine and becomes the third member of the Kandy 5-timers club.

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Jessica Hall Kandy Magazine January 2020 Cover

Jessica Hall returns to Kandy Magazine on the cover of the January 2020 issue. The issue is available for purchase on Amazon, tap cover to buy, and also digitally at and on the Kindle Newstand as well as in the Kandy app on Apple and Amazon.

Photography Mario Barberio
Hair and Makeup Sara Cranham
Stylist Julia Perry
Black suit by Calvin Klein
White shirt by Zara
Bowtie by Stylist
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