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September 2013 Issue – Kandy’s 60 Krushes

You did not vote! We did not count! We chose! You won! See the girls and their photos and why they made the list in the September 2013 issue. Available now inside our app! Download from iTunes or Google Play. Top 10 Krushes Irina Voronina Emily Sears Rachel Bernstein Tiffany Toth Tiffany Taylor DJ Colleen Shannon Jessica Hall Alexa Sandberg Jessica Cribbon Tiffany Selby Krushes 11 - 15 Jennifer England, Katie Lohmann, Tailor James, DJ Laura Cavender, Caitlin O'Connor Krushes 16 - 20 Shantal Monique, Laurie Young, Sierra Merchant, Niki Ghazian, Jennifer Nicole Lee Krushes 21 - 25 Lilly Ghalichi, Raquel Rischard, Mindy Robinson, Alysson Holt, Amber Soleil Krushes 26 - 30 Camille Neeley, Jacqueline Suzanne, Elizabeth Deo, Carissa Rosario, Ashley Ferrara Krushes 31 - 35 Dominica Westling, Holley Dorrough,…
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About Kandy Magazine

KANDY Magazine Discover Why We are the Hottest Men's Magazine Worldwide Kandy® is a trademarked, brand-driven company dispensing bite-sized lifestyle and entertainment pieces to men. Why Kandy Who loves Kandy? 141 countries where we ranked #1! Since 2011 Kandy has brought you exclusive pictorials of some of the hottest "name girls" in the world. Kandy is filled with sweets, lifestyle treats, and sports & entertainment tidbits. Dive into the Candy Bowl of the Bachelor Life. Who is Kandy Look at some of the Kandy cover models from the past: Brande Roderick of Baywatch and Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice fame, Bonnie-Jill Laflin - the only female scout in the history of the NBA for the LA Lakers and a former NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, Jessica…
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Smartphones Unlocked: How cell phones get their names

Welcome to Smartphones Unlocked, my new monthly column designed to explain the ins and outs of smartphones to help you better understand how they work. The world of smartphones is fast-paced and can sometimes be confusing and difficult to keep track of all the new technology in these devices, particularly if you're new to them, so if there are any topics you'd like to see covered here, please feel free to e-mail me at Last month, my colleague Jessica Dolcourt wrote a great two-part series on how cell phones are born, along with some behind-the-scenes confessions from the handset designers. The articles provided a great insider's look at the cell phone design business, but there's another part that's always intrigued: How do cell phones and smartphones get their names?…
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