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Pico beer brewing appliance helps you brew craft beer right at home with just a push of a button. Choose any PicoPak recipe from a large variety of craft breweries worldwide including: 21st Amendment, Rogue Ales, Abita, and Flying Monkeys. Brewing takes approximately 2 hours depending on recipe and up to 10 days to ferment. 5 liter portable Serving Kegs make you the star of every party when you stroll in the door!

Introducing the FreeStyle PicoPak BrewCrafter
The FreeStyle feature is a powerful new capability that allows anyone to create custom craft beer PicoPaks for the award-winning Pico™ beer-brewing appliance. PicoBrew then custom manufactures your PicoPak and delivers it to you fresh and ready-to-brew in several days. With the PicoBrew BrewCrafter, making a custom craft beer is now as easy as dragging and dropping grains, hops and yeast into a virtual PicoPak.

To make their own custom brews, Pico users can select from a variety of “known-good” baseline beer recipes to get them started, including an IPA, a porter, a stout and more. Next, they simply drag and drop grains and hops in or out of their FreeStyle PicoPak to achieve the flavor, color and alcohol level desired. The BrewCrafter provides predictive guidance along the way, suggesting a balanced mix of ingredients to ensure creation of a delicious beer recipe. Customers give their creations their own unique names and even have options for how the PicoPak are laser-etched on the front of their packaging.

In addition to the new FreeStyle PicoPak capability, PicoBrew also offers PicoPaks created in collaboration its 150 brewery partners, such as 21st Amendment and Rogue Ales, so that homebrewers can make fresh craft beer from regional breweries no matter where they live. Currently, 60 craft beer recipes are available with more being added continually.

Pico is an automated, IoT, beer brewing appliance that can brew five liters of craft beer in about two hours and has a grain-to-glass serving time of just seven to 10 days, depending on the recipe. It uses eco-friendly, award-winning compostable PicoPak ingredient packs, which contain the fresh hops and grains needed to brew fresh, brew-pub quality craft beers. With the push of a button, Pico recognizes the PicoPak inserted and follows brewing process instructions transmitted over a local Wi-Fi connection. The sleek, compact and modern design of the Pico fits on a kitchen or bar countertop.

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