Report: Supplemental draft could be delayed

With former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor trying to get into the supplemental draft and with the NFL dragging its feet when it comes to giving Pryor a final answer, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Commissioner Roger Goodell could delay the supplemental draft for a day or two.

Goodell, per Mort, is “rechecking all the facts,” which implies that the NFL had planned to exclude Pryor, but that the efforts of lawyer David Cornwell on Pryor’s behalf have gotten Goodell to realize that the league will be committing an injustice against Pryor if it keeps him out based on the flimsy notion that Pryor would have been eligible to play at Ohio State this year if he hadn’t left school.

Cornwell, by the way, will join PFT Live tomorrow to talk about the Pryor case.  Though I’m a firm believer in Pryor’s position, I’ll be fair in my questions and I’ll press Cornwell regarding the strengths of the league’ case for exclusion.

If, of course, I can figure out by Tuesday at noon exactly what those strengths are.

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