Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations
Published by: Capcom
Genre: Action
MSRP: $49.99
Rating: M For Mature

The original Resident Evil sent a shockwave through the games industry. With its fixed camera views, limited resources and focus on survival over action, the game effectively created an entirely new genre. Now, of course, the survival horror niche is in danger of collapsing under the weight of “action” hybrids like Dead Space 3 and, embarrassingly, most of the last few Resident Evil games. Resident Evil: Revelations is a return to form, though; one that works as well on consoles as it did on the Nintendo 3DS.

Yes, this is the same game that was released on the Nintendo 3DS last year. But it’s more than a simple port. Revelations has received a full HD makeover to utilize the more powerful hardware found in the Xbox 360 and PS3. The UI has been modified slightly for larger screens. And the controls have been refined. Honestly, Revelations feels like it was designed for consoles from the start.

The story of Resident Evil: Revelations is your typical Resident Evil fare. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine head off to investigate a bioterrorist attack, only to discover that victims have turned into horrible zombie creatures. There’s political intrigue and more than a few surprises, but nothing you haven’t seen before.

What makes Revelations good, however, is its re-focused attention on the concept of survival at all costs. Supplies are limited. Ammo is tough to find. Zombies are intimidating and scary. This isn’t the modern, “kill everything with a grenade launcher” Resident Evil of the present, but more of the “hiding in a corner sobbing” Resident Evil of the past. The HD upgrades only serve to reinforce the game’s quality; high quality textures and better lighting really help to build Revelation’s terrifying atmosphere.

Revelations does have its share of action sequences. And, for the most part, the game is well-paced. You’ll spend some time exploring and being scared, then some time shooting things and running. Rinse, repeat. It’s always fun. And the new weapons enhancements and enemies, along with the added “Infernal” difficulty help set the console version apart from its handheld origins.

The console version of Resident Evil: Revelations is essentially the same game as what’s available on the 3DS. But it’s a better, prettier and bigger game. It looks right at home on the Xbox and PlayStation, and honestly it’s the closest thing to a “classic” Resident Evil either system has gotten in the last decade.

If you’re a fan of survival horror or a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, you can’t really miss by picking up Revelations.

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