Rating: R
Starring: Vin Diesel, Jordi Molla, Katee Sackhoff, Karl Urban, Keri Hilson,
Director: David Twohy
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: He-Man Creature-Bashing Riddick-ulousness
Recommendation: 1 out of 5 Planet Furya Furbys

Bad Sci-Fi is a gene-splitting genre all unto its own unholy freakin’ self.

A titty twisting trilogy that began promisingly with 2000’s cult brain crusher Pitch Black, then got all big budget brain dead with The Chronicles Of Riddick in ’04, this new slice of Summer Sci-Fi future crap reunites the first film’s writer/director David Twohy (the writer of G.I. Jane and Alien 3, so ponder before plunking down cash) and Diesel in the Underverse universe. As antihero slash asshole slash bounty hunter bait Richard B. Riddick, Vin’s been left for DOA on a sun scorched planet, fighting to stay alive against the massive shit slung by cut and paste CGI aliens. Vin’s only way out? Activate an emergency beacon, and alert all the mercenaries who want a piece of his ass and his head as a trophy. Will Riddick’s revenge turn his pursuers into pawns, or Riddick himself into a baked prawn?

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