Salted Venture Smart Golf Shoes

Salted Venture’s  independently developed smart golf shoes, Iofit, was named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the wearable technology category.

Iofit is a golf shoe brand that helps the wearer achieve effective impact position by measuring the degree to which the wearer’s center of gravity shifts using a sensor attached to the sole. Through a self-developed mobile application, the device can process 30 to 120 data frames per second.

Iofit provides not only real-time data on changes in the wearer’s center of gravity, but also balance data for each swing position like address, backswing top, and impact point. The wearer can compare this data with that produced by professional golfers and then use it to adjust his or her posture or discuss technique with a coach.

The key focus of the company was to enhance the sensor’s sensitivity and make it more durable and water resistant. This device is highly accessible, as it is more compact in size and much more affordably priced (KRW200,000, or USD171) than other similar devices. Salted Venture plans to apply this technology to other types of sports footwear, such as baseball, tennis and weightlifting shoes.

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