Samsung Transform Ultra review: Boost’s Gingerbread QWERTY

Boost Mobile is showing Android lots of love these days, most of them for candybar form factors. This week’s announcement of the ZTE Warp is a perfect example. Luckily, Boost has one Gingerbreadman QWERTY for Android fans who like a good keyboard: the Samsung Transform Ultra.

The good: The uncluttered Samsung Transform Ultra has a pleasing design, a front-facing camera, and runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3. It also carries Mobile ID, which some people may appreciate.

The bad: As far as keyboards go, the Samsung Transform Ultra’s is a little flat. Its camera quality is also pretty poor.

The bottom line: The Samsung Transform Ultra is a worthy QWERTY handset to join Boost Mobile’s Android lineup. Mobile ID offers something different, but not everyone will want it.

Watch the video, see the pictures, and read all the pros and cons of the Samsung Transform Ultra for Boost Mobile.

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