Summer 2019 KANDY Magazine edition featuring Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook – Social Media Sensation

Photo Karina Chancey

Rachel Cook – YouTube, Instagram Sensation

With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and 150,000 YouTube subscribers Rachel Cook is hot social media influencer and we got her in Kandy.

Cali girl CJ Franco loves sarcasm

Model CJ Franco
Photo Mike Tang

Summer Krush Lizzy Westerlund

Photo Mike Prado

In our personal playground we like to call Orange County arrives the newest Kandy Krush discovery Lizzy Westerlund. Exclusively in Kandy.

Introducing Sasha Snova

Photo Mike Prado

Sports and Entertainment

Leonardo DiCaprio star in Columbia Pictures Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Summer is full of summer entertainment and we peek at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and look at some popular US and European concert tours. Plus, what is Kandy without sports and we weigh in on the Tom Terrific trademark controversy.

Lifestyle – Autos, Sex and Dating, Tech

Photo credit Shutterstock

The first Kandy sex quiz. How adventurous a lover are you? Find out. What to do after a breakup? We have some ideas. Looking for some hot summer rides? Check out these 3 automobiles. Plus a few of our favorite fast food apps and how to transform you dad bod into a summer bod in six weeks.

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