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iPhone App for Comic-Con 2013 Now Available!

The new edition of our official iPhone app is now available for download on the App Store. The app includes access on your iPhone to the complete Comic-Con International 2013 schedule including programs, anime, autographs, the film festival games, portfolio review and once more. Browse our special guest bios, exhibitors and exclusives, zoom in for a close look at out Exhibit Hall map, take a gander at the line situation for Hall H …you can even now access Toucan on the app! It’s all there and it’s free! Download it now.

Our Android app is coming soon … stay tuned!



Jump the language barrier with this incredible translation app. Its bidirectional speech recognition system allows users to speak in one language and have it instantly translated into another. The...



 Retro gamers, rejoice! This app gives you access to 100 (yes, 100) classic Atari games. The shell only comes with Pong, but you can download additional titles for $0.99 each, or $14.99 for the lot,...

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Nintendo DS classic Scribblenauts hits iOS

These brothers needed to be “joined together by their love of sport,” so I gave them a basketball hoop. When Scribblenauts made its Nintendo DS debut back in 2009, it instantly joined the...


Steve Jobs biography comes to Kindle early

Not long after that iconic ticking wrapped up an episode of CBS' "60 Minutes" featuring a preview of Steve Jobs' authorized biography with its author, Walter Isaacson, word broke that the Amazon Kindle...


iPhone app Ness knows what you like to eat

But can it guarantee that your food will taste as good as it looks on your phone? Are you ready to try another recommender app? Even if you’ve been burned by less-than-stellar automatic...