Tagg Pet Tracker hooks Fluffy up to Verizon

Tagg Pet Tracker collar tags on dogs

These pooches model the Tagg collar tags.

(Credit: Snaptracs)

I know that stab of dread that hits when a four-legged friend goes missing. I’ve always been fortunate to find my escaped cats hiding out under a nearby bush or car, but it sure would be a lot easier if they just phoned home.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is the next best thing to teaching Spot to use a cell phone. It uses a combination of GPS and Verizon’s nationwide wireless network to keep an eye on your mutt’s unauthorized meanderings. You can track your furry beloved with a mobile phone or online.

Tagg Pet Tracker tag and docking station

The Master Kit includes a tag and docking station.

(Credit: Snaptracs)

The tracking device is designed for pets over 10 pounds, so certain Chihuahua owners will have to find some other solution. It fits on your pet’s collar and has a battery that can hold out for up to 30 days while also resisting water.

The Tagg can be set to send you an e-mail or text alert when your pet wanders outside of its designated home territory. A trip button lets you turn off alerts before you head out for walkies.

The Tagg kit includes a collar tag, docking station, and a year of service for $199.99. That’s not cheap, but it’s probably less than what you would offer for a lost dog reward.

Multiple tags can be used with a single docking station. Additional tags with a year of service cost $139.99. The Pet Tracker is due to start shipping next month.

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