The Beatles: Get Back Documentary

The Beatles Get Back
Photo Credit Linda McCartney

“The Beatles: Get Back” takes audiences back in time to the band’s January 1969 recording sessions, which became a pivotal moment in music history. 

The docuseries showcases The Beatles’ creative process as they attempt to write 14 new songs in preparation for their first live concert in over two years.  Faced with a nearly impossible deadline, the strong bonds of friendship shared by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are put to the test.

The docuseries is compiled from nearly 60 hours of unseen footage shot over 21 days, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, and from more than 150 hours of unheard audio, most of which has been locked in a vault for over half a century. 

Jackson is the only person in 50 years to have been given access to this Beatles treasure trove, all of which has now been brilliantly restored. What emerges is an intimate portrait of The Beatles, showing how, with their backs against the wall, they could still rely on their friendship, good humor, and creative genius.

While plans derail and relationships are put to the test, some of the world’s most iconic songs are composed and performed. The docuseries features – for the first time in its entirety – The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be.”

The three-part docuseries includes never-before-seen, restored footage that at times includes explicit language, mature themes, and smoking.

For the longest period of time, the Beatles were our all-time favorite rock band, only to be eventually supplanted by the Rolling Stones. There is something to be said for longevity, not only in producing new music but also touring. We recently learned from Paul McCartney that it was 1000% true that Yoko Ono drove the breakup of the world’s one-time greatest rock band. When we heard the news, it immediately drove a flashback to a scene from the television sitcom “That 70’s Show” when Eric says to Jackie, “you’re breaking up the band Yoko!” Photos and footage from “Get Back” show Yoko’s presence way too much. It reminds us of when a model has a new boyfriend or husband who decides he is going to manage her career although he has no experience at all in the business. Odds say, that at some point, whatever business relationship previously existed will fray. We enthusiastically look forward to viewing the entire three-part series of The Beatles: Get Back when released later this month on Disney+.

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