The Most Powerful Foods in Movies

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When most people think of an object of power in movies, their minds probably go to things like nuclear weapons or enchanted rings. However, sometimes a single piece of food can hold as much power as any weapon. To get revved up for Thanksgiving, here are some of the most potent tidbits ever put on film.

Apple — “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Like any object of power, potent food can be used for good or evil, and this is definitely the latter. The story of Snow White has always had the poisoned apple in it. However, the way the apple and the evil queen who created it are represented in Disney’s first animated feature is what sticks in the mind of moviegoers. Seeing the apple formed in the wickedly bubbling cauldron instantly makes its danger clear, and the anxiety built as Snow White takes a bite is still powerful today.

Turkish Delight — “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

What sort of food could drive a young boy to betray his own family? Apparently the tasty confection known as Turkish delight is just what the White Witch ordered. Young Edmund is already on shaky terms with the rest of his siblings, and the promise of all the sweet treats he could want is enough to make him turn on them. Ultimately he’s betrayed by the very witch who gave him the Turkish delight, proving how much trouble a sweet tooth can get one into.

Cake — “The Matrix Reloaded

This one doesn’t massively alter the plot of the film; it’s simply a display of power by the pompous program known as the Merovingian. Within the world of the Matrix everything is ultimately just lines of programming code. This makes it quite easy for those who know how to manipulate the code to bring about some unexpected effects. This is exemplified by a piece of cake that the Merovingian has delivered to an unsuspecting female diner. One bite causes sensations of pleasure, not only in her mouth but also due south.

Chocolate — “Chocolat

Vianne is an expert chocolatier who has moved to a small town to open a shop and offer her confections. Her timing could have been better, since the conservative town is observing Lent and the mayor is constantly preaching abstinence from all forms of temptation, which he considers chocolate to be.

The rest of the town eventually gives in but the mayor remains steadfast. That is, until a single taste of the sweet treats lands in his mouth, which causes a new total breakdown as he gives into his desire for the chocolate.

Ratatouille — “Ratatouille

There’s a reason this somewhat common dish is the title of the film, and it’s not just because of the “rat” pun. It is possibly the single most powerful plate of food in all of cinema. Prepared by a rodent cooking prodigy, this is served to the most feared food critic in all of France. He arrives at the restaurant determined to bring it down with a scathing review. But then this simple yet perfectly prepared dish manages to completely and permanently change his outlook, to the point that he isn’t even revolted at the discovery that it was prepared by a rat.

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