Tom Wilson Assaults Panarin, NHL Fails to Take Action

In any other professional sport in the world, including boxing and the UFC, Tom Wilson would have been immediately suspended indefinitely, pending a disciplinary hearing. But not in Gary Bettman’s NHL. He only protects one player, Sidney Crosby. Connor McDavid is big enough to protect himself. But, if anyone lays a glove Sid the Kid, watch out. Why bring Sid into this? Because it goes to the double standard in professional sports. But, let’s get back to Tom Wilson.

If you did not see what occurred in last night’s NHL game between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals, here is a look

Based on the above analysis, the NHL has now ruled that pulling a player by their hair and slamming them face first into the ice is NOT a suspendable play. In slo-mo you can see Wilson grab Panarin by the back of his head, grab a gloveful of hair, sweep his feet, and drive Panarin face first into the ice.

The reaction on social media can be separated into 4 categories: Rangers fans, Capitals fans, old school hockey fans, and fans who were given timeouts as kids growing up instead of an ass beating.

The reaction from Rangers fans and Capitals fans is what you would expect. Rangers fans demand an eye for eye and Capitals fans are saying don’t get your panties into a wad.

The real debate is between Old School hockey fans like myself and the Bubble Wrap fans who were never disciplined as kids. Old school says where was the message sent by the players and coaches after the assault? Bubble wrap fans say retaliation won’t accomplish anything. Old school says you protect the shield. You stand up for your brother, teammate. Bubble wrap fans say, what is that? Old school says if we have no one on the team to take on Wilson, then next game we take out their best player. Bubble wrap fans say that is what ‘we, bubble wrap fans’ want to see removed from the game.

The Wilson – Panarain debate is a great microcosm of today’s society. Bubble wrap fans say wear a helmet on your bicycle or when you are on the slopes. Old School fans say it is my body and I’m free to make my own decisions as to what I want to wear or inject into my body. Bubble wrap fans say can’t we all get along. Neville Chamberlain is their idol. Old school hockey fans say give me a leader like Churchill or Reagan.

Bubble wrap fans says I am just going to sit here behind my anonymous keyboard identity. Old school fans say this is my name and if you were a real man you wouldn’t hide behind some keyboard identity.

What kind of fan are you? Old school or bubble wrap? Or should I say, what kind of man are you?

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