Top 10 Kandy Promoters of 2016

2016 has come and gone and 2017 is off and running. Our 2016 Krush of the Year Marissa Everhart actively promoted Kandy year long and she had company. Oh yeah, we noticed the ladies who promoted when they were not even in that month’s issue of Kandy. So, let us take a look the Top 10 Kandy Promoters who were not a Krush of the Year and will be under consideration for our 2017 Krush of the Year finalists list.

10. Tiffany Toth – we love avatars with Kandy; we love videos promoting Kandy. And, Tiffany Toth nails both of those items.

9.  Rebecca Widle – we love it when we send models swag and they post a selfie in it; we love it when models drive across State to attend one of our events. Rebecca Widle did all that and more.

8. Nikki Leigh – we love selfies when they are taken with their Kandy feature on an iPad; we love seeing ourselves as the avatar on a Kandy girls social media page. And, Nikki Leigh fills both those quotas.

7. The Ladies of Tropic Beauty – Let’s be honest. We thought when we agreed to be a sponsor of the World Finals we thought it would be a one and done promotion exchange. We were wrong. The ladies of Tropic Beauty continue to promote Kandy and for that we are very appreciative.

6. Elise Natalie – This Aussie loves Kandy, at least so we think. Everyone wants a piece of Elise. We had her first and she proudly flaunts it.

5. Sarah Hilton – She may be retired from modeling but Sarah Hilton has been a Kandy promoter since she very first appeared in our magazine. She promoted us continuously throughout 2016.

4. Rebecca Lynn – One of the newest Kandy family members and she has done a tremendous job of promoting in the short amount of time. Her fans are fans and have shown Rebecca Lynn Kandy love and that is huge!

3. Moriah Faith – We love new faces. We love undiscovered talent. We love it when models proudly feature their Kandy affiliation. We love it when models undertake on their own accord a Kandy photo shoot in swag we send them. Moriah shot up the Kandy charts 2016. We look forward to showing you more of Moriah in 2017.

2. Christina Riordan – If she posts a photo on social media, 9 times out of 10 you can bet she tags Kandy. She worked hard for the title of 2016 Krush of the Year and almost came away it, one of our three finalists. Is the title in the cards in 2017? Stay tuned.

1. Colleen Elizabeth – she may very well be the Kandy Queen of Social Media. She out did everyone when it came to tagging or mentioning Kandy in 2016. She out hustled Marissa and almost came away with the crown.

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