Perfect Turkey Day Spirits

No such thing you say?! Well, we will just have to agree to disagree on that. In our opinion, the tip to presenting Perfect Turkey Day Spirits is understanding your gathering. What does that mean exactly? If you are a single guy hanging out with your single buddies, then champagne is probably not the best call. If you are married with kids and visiting the in-laws a twelve pack of Coors Light is probably also not the right call. So, what is the right call for these scenarios? Let’s take a look at a few and see what Kandy recommends.

The Bachelor Thanksgiving

It’s just you and five of your best, single guy friends hanging out watching Thanksgiving football and possibly partaking in a little game of pigskin yourself. You may or may not go through the effort of cooking a bird and if you do it will mostly be cooked in some deep fryer of sorts. What is the beverage of choice to wash down that deep fried bird? Beer of course! Ah, but what sort of beer? IPA’s and microbrews are all the rage right now so why not choose any of the following: Karl Strauss’s 25th Anniversary Doppelbock, brewed for twelve whole months in American oak Bourbon barrels or Samuel Adams Honey Queen, a lighter microbrew with a harmonious blend of mead and beer, known as a Braggot, that takes you back to medieval times and as far back as one of your previous lives in the 12th century when you dined on mutton.

The Boyfriend Thanksgiving

Of all the Thanksgivings this is the trickiest. Is it a couples Thanksgiving where it is you, your girl and three other couples, all chosen by your girlfriend or is it the Thanksgiving where you have to trek halfway across the country to meet her family? Right now, you are wishing you were enjoying The Bachelor Thanksgiving. So, what beverage do you bring to either scenario? If it is couples Thanksgiving we recommend a bottle champagne and if it is girlfriend’s family Thanksgiving we suggest a bottle of wine. For the couples, splurge a little bit and make the other guys at the table look like schleps and pick up a bottle of ’95 Clicquot Rose, it will set you back $75 to $100 but the ladies will love it. And, for that dreaded visit to your girlfriends’ relatives, we recommend skipping the expected Chardonnay and mix it up and bring a bottle of 2013 Amici Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley, consisting of  50% Sauvignon Musque clone and 50% Sauvignon Blanc; a reasonable selection at $25.

The Married Guy Thanksgiving

If you are reading Kandy for advice on what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner we’re afraid our dear married reader you are lost. But kudos to you, for either keeping this fine publication hidden from your wife or, better yet, if she knows you read Kandy we are overly impressed and should be taking advice from you. In either case, we recommend you bring whatever you desire drinking as this day is as much about satisfying your own caveman needs, as it is about meeting the needs of your woman. Cheers!

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