Valentine’s Day Caliente Style

#Sexercise Valentine’s Day Special
By Jason Rosell’s “Caliente Fitness”

Valentine’s Day is about sweets and romance – this time around try celebrating in both a sexy and healthy way… #Sexercise style! Whether you’re planning on clearing the living room to make space for a sexy tango or you’re venturing out for high-flying fun, here are three fit ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Dance the night away.
What’s sweeter than getting down with your Valentine. Whether you’re heading to a nightclub or pushing aside the living-room coffee table to make room for the foxtrot, just a burst of dancing and giggling will get your heart rate going. Try the tango or #Sexercise “cha cha”(visit – the most romantic of all dances. The benefits? Heart-healthy laughter and a 300 calorie burn per hour.

Make a fitness commitment to your girl!
Fitness and well-being are all about identifying your goals and getting your mind set on achieving them. This Valentine’s Day, make a fitness commitment to your girl. If you work out regularly, then why don’t you take on the #Sexercise Workout program and take your fitness to the next level. Or, if you have never been to the gym or have not been in a while, why not commit to getting back into shape with my online nutrition and fitness plan at You’ll not only get the body you want, but you’ll also show your lady that you can get it done.

Pick her up something nice!
We know the economy is still tight right now, but if you have a few cents to throw together, then you might think of investing in something nice for your loved one. However, you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference this Valentine’s Day, and the most important thing you can spend on your loved one is time. Have a good night, do the thing right and everything else will take care of itself! You can’t go wrong with giving her the gift of health and fitness 🙂 Check out all the plans, workout clothes and more at

Cook up some romance.
How long should brown rice simmer? How do you property pan-sear a gorgeous piece of salmon? What’s the best way to steam clams? (Hello, aphrodisiac!) Sign up for a joint cooking class and learn from a pro. Learning to cook your own meals means fewer butter and salt-laden restaurant dinners. I love, which lists neighborhood classes, from lessons taught by heavily-pedigreed chefs to 30-minute tasters at Whole Foods.

Meet the Writer
Jason Rosell is the CEO/FOUNDER of his Fitness and Nutrition Company and the inventor of the hottest new workout trend #SEXERCISE,

To learn more on Jason or to start his online fitness and nutrition plans, visit him on his official website and follow him on social media @jasonrosellLIVE.

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