Wanna get away? Cameraman eats turf on Beltre homer

Wanna get away? Cameraman eats turf on Beltre homer

Think you had a rough day at work today? Unless you were fired, fell down a flight a stairs or fired and pushed down a flight of stairs, it probably pales in comparison to the day that TBS cameraman Tim Burke turned in at his office on Tuesday.

Burke fell and ate plastic grass as he attempted to keep pace with Texas Rangers slugger Adrian Beltre(notes) on his second-inning homer — one of three on the day — at Tropicana Field. The embarrassment that Burke suffered may have been somewhat limited if he had just done it in front of a non-sellout crowd. But another cameraman captured his moment and his director sold him out, guaranteeing that Burke’s stumble will live on in baseball blooper reels forever — not to mention earn space on every morning news show and baseball blog in operation.

“I’m OK,” Burke told The Postgame. “Just a bruised ego.”

Personally, I’ve always held a great deal of affection for these warriors of the diamond, the video artists who make sure that we can see up the nostrils of our just-homered heroes in 1080p high-definition television. If this demonstration of the perils of the job doesn’t get these brave and persistent souls their own “Real Men of Genius” commercial, I’m not sure what will.

Watch Burke biff it below:

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