Watch 3D Movies In 2D By Tweaking Glasses


(Eric Spiegel)

If you can’t stand 3D movies, you can usually see the film at a 2D showing and save yourself the surcharge. But occasionally, social and temporal mandates may force you into the theater for a 3D show. To prepare for such an occasion, you can tinker with a pair of 3D glasses so you can watch the movie in 2D.

3D Film Tutorials takes you through the process. Starting with two pairs of glasses, you pop the left lens out of one pair and the right lens out of the other. Then you swap the lenses, giving you two pairs of glasses which will give both eyes the same image, just as things would be if you were watching the movie in 2D.

So there you have it. Now your 3D movie-loving pals have to come up with another excuse to ditch you on movie night.

3D to 2D glasses (reverse conversion) [3D Film Tutorials]

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